Even in this connected age, there’s still a workforce left to get the job done without reliable voice or data access. TOC BOX, and its suite of complementary products, can connect the most rugged, remote, and isolated job sites with wireless solutions.

Oil and Gas

Solutions on site

Working on the rig for any extended period of time can be an isolating experience.
With TOC BOX, staying reliably connected in these conditions becomes almost effortless. From Internet access to file reports to a phone signal for conference calls, family chats, or even emergencies, TOC BOX works as hard as you do.

Disaster Relief

Solutions in crisis

When disaster strikes and leaves entire towns without electricity, cell towers, or other vital resources, emergency responders are often left with their hands tied in many instances. Solutions like TOC BOX allow emergency volunteers to set-up with operational voice, Internet, and Wi-Fi capability in minutes in even the most dire of situations. Not only can they communicate, but the victims can utilize the network to make those important check-in phone calls, too.


Solutions that build

Products like TOC COM can connect a job site as efficiently as can any PBX phone system. A wireless solution that doesn’t add to the clutter but operates with phone, walkie talkie, and PA capabilities only serves to strengthen your operations on the ground.

National Parks

Solutions for beautiful spaces

At the top of a mountain or deep in the woods, park rangers and other officials need to stay connected to basecamp. Mother nature can be a demanding colleague, making it a necessity to have reliable communication when emergent situations arise with animals, weather, or visitors. Keep it in the truck and you’ll always have a signal when you need it most.

Rural Communities

Solutions for outlying areas

Some 15 percent of Americans live in rural communities, making up about 72 percent of the nation’s land area. Reliable access to Internet, voice, and Wi-Fi has never been more important, no matter where you are. TOC BOX solutions can wire entire communities, supporting growth, infrastructure, and connection to those outside of town.







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