Frequently Asked Questions

Our customers often share a lot of the same questions and curiosities about the TOC BOX, its complementary suite of products, and how it all works together. We’ve provided answers to those most common questions here, and are always happy to answer any specific concerns you may have for your business’s use of TOC BOX.

How does the TOC BOX work when my cell phone or hot spot won’t?

With our powerful, pure signal and high-gain antennas, the TOC BOX can transmit at more than 30 times the power of hand-held cell phones and hot spots. Furthermore, every TOC BOX has both AT&T and Verizon services built in with fully automatic failover. This leverages the power of the TOC BOX by utilizing both carriers’ networks.

Is the TOC BOX a hot spot attached to a booster?

The TOC BOX system uses high-powered transmitters and dual carriers mated to high-gain antennas to allow you to establish stable data and voice connections without the distortion associated with boosters. The TOC BOX will connect when boosted solutions fail.

Is the TOC BOX made in the U.S.?

The TOC BOX is designed and assembled in The Great State of Oklahoma!

Does the TOC BOX Enterprise System require mobilization/demobilization service on drilling rig moves?

One of the key advantages of the TOC BOX Enterprise System for drilling rigs and other remote, mobile work environments is that, unlike satellite-based solutions, the TOC BOX requires no service on moves. Simply lower the antenna array on the side of the trailer/skid, move, raise the antenna back up, and as soon as power is restored you’re back on the Internet and on the phone!

Can my personal cell phone make voice calls through the TOC BOX?

If your device is connected to the TOC BOX via Wi-Fi, you can make calls using a VoIP application such as Viber, Skype or FaceTime Audio. AT&T enables Wi-Fi calling on iPhones, which does permit the use of your personal cell phone number to make and receive calls through the TOC BOX’s Wi-Fi connection.

Does the TOC BOX require configuration?

Each TOC BOX arrives pre-configured and ready to operate. All you have to do is deploy the antenna and supply power. The TOC BOX automatically establishes a connection to provide access to the Internet and the public switched telephone network (PSTN).

Is there a place where the TOC BOX will not connect?

There may be, but we haven’t found it yet! In the TOC BOX’s travels to some of the most remote locations in the U.S. -- including Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, New Mexico, Colorado, Wyoming, North Dakota, Utah, Louisiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and California -- the TOC BOX has connected on 100% of its deployments to date.

Is the TOC BOX affected by wind or weather like a satellite?

Connectivity for the TOC BOX is unaffected by wind, snow, and rain.

Is the TOC BOX waterproof?

The TOC BOX has been built in a very rugged box to protect the magic that makes our system work. While it is weather resistant, it is not waterproof and shouldn’t be exposed to the elements. The TOC BOX system can be built in a fully dust- and waterproof (IP 67/68) housing if we have a better understanding of where the system will be used. Submit your special request.

Does the TOC BOX have a backup battery?

Both the TOC BOX and TOC COM systems have backup batteries that provide up to four hours of use in the event of a power interruption.

What are the power requirements for the TOC BOX?

The TOC BOX will run on AC power from 90-260 volts at any frequency and can also be powered via 12VDC input on vehicle power ports (formerly known as cigarette lighters). For certain applications, we also make a DC-only version of the TOC BOX to minimize the power draw of the system. This is especially helpful when running on solar power.

Does the TOC BOX have a static IP address?

Every TOC BOX is shipped with a static IP address on both AT&T and Verizon to support port forwarding for two-way data communication between the main office and remote equipment.

Does the TOC BOX have the capability to help control data usage?

There is a data management system on board the TOC BOX to restrict data usage based on your specific requirements.

Does the TOC BOX have Wi-Fi?

Yes, the TOC BOX Wi-Fi can support up to 24 users.

What data speeds can I expect from the TOC BOX?

The TOC BOX 3.0 achieves LTE speed on Verizon and AT&T. We typically see download speeds in the 15-20 Mbps range with uploads at 8-15 Mbps with pings under 60 ms.

Can the TOC BOX work with in-house network systems to connect with remote locations?

The TOC BOX is a router with a stateful firewall that can support VPNs, IPSEC tunnels, port forwarding (including whitelisted IPs for inbound traffic), and other remote networking security protocols.

How will I receive the TOC BOX after placing my order?

The TOC BOX arrives via FedEx. The installation is completed after following a short set-up procedure. On more advanced installations for remote offices or work sites, we have a full-service installation crew available.

Is there a cost associated with installation?

If a TOC BOX representative is deployed to install the TOC BOX system, there will be a standard service call fee plus mileage charges to and from the installation location.

Can the TOC BOX work outside the United States?

The dual carrier capability of the TOC BOX makes it uniquely suited to use an international carrier like T-Mobile along with a local carrier to provide the same kind of superb network coverage achieved domestically. Let us know where you plan to use the TOC BOX so that we can review the location and let you know if TOC BOX is the right fit for your needs.

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